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  1. Hello Everyone, FlexotiC here! My real name is Koen and im from Holland. Currently 29 years old, with a beautiful wife and daughter! My hobbies (ofc) are playing games on console and PC. - Call of Duty Warzone - Lineage 2 - Lord of the Rings online - Path of Exile I'm also very into Football, and my favorite club is AJAX. Cheerio!
  2. Hello Everyone, FlexotiC here! In this section u can post your class guides! If you like to play for example a Windrider and you think people should know how to play them properly, make a guide and post it here! Let less experienced players learn from the best. Regards, FlexotiC
  3. Casual Gamer from Holland. If you want to play with me, feel free to DM me!

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