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  5. Finally L2Posidonia is opening everything before are clean..let's make a good start with much pvps farm sieges and much more... ..
  6. Hello Everyone, FlexotiC here! My real name is Koen and im from Holland. Currently 29 years old, with a beautiful wife and daughter! My hobbies (ofc) are playing games on console and PC. - Call of Duty Warzone - Lineage 2 - Lord of the Rings online - Path of Exile I'm also very into Football, and my favorite club is AJAX. Cheerio!
  7. Hello Everyone, FlexotiC here! In this section u can post your class guides! If you like to play for example a Windrider and you think people should know how to play them properly, make a guide and post it here! Let less experienced players learn from the best. Regards, FlexotiC
  8. Casual Gamer from Holland. If you want to play with me, feel free to DM me!

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  10. Real Clan Ranking: Winners at : Sunday 21:00 +2 GMT Rewarding the most player votes Winner at: Sunday 22:00 +2 GMT Clan Level 8 (Until Saturday: 21:00 + 2 GMT) Visit Jurek to get your reward you need at least 10 members in your clan
  11. Others will be fixed for gold bars click on adena to make your adena gold bars
  12. Stats!!! 1. Fix mage stats/Casting Speed. unbalance shown stats with dmg dealt. 2. Archer - Titan - Grand Khavatari (propably) Attack Speed 3. P.Def on Titan/Archer are low (Titan with Imperial Armor) 4. kalo tha htan na valete Gold Bars (.deposit .withdraw) na mhn pane tsampa ta gold 5. Crt.Stun fist almost never Stuns and low dmg as Grand Khavatari Thanks By Pr1nCe
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    Equip your weapon while u clicking the lifestone. its a simple preview of feature

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    if you have problem with connection post thread in our forums to solve the problem
  20. we deicided to change th old theme to something new thanks Designatix for Improve of website theme. more features will coming.
  21. Read the rules carefully do not spam do not advertising other servers/forums using marketplace with real currency you will get punishment! do not flame in threads do not bump old threads do not creating multiple accounts NOTE: our rules will change anytime by our staff If you have more questions, complaints and/or reports please contact us at support@l2posidonia.com
  22. 01. Always treat all Administrators, Game Masters and members of management with respect. Any act of disrespect to the administration, regardless of the medium, result in punishment.02. It is forbidden to impersonate (pretend to be) any member of the administration.03. Advertising, comments or suggestions of any other Lineage server is prohibited in any game chat or other media connected to us.04. It is forbidden to use programs that interact with the Lineage 2, exploits or take advantage of any problems found in the game, in the forum or website that will benefit you in relation to other players. If a player finds a bug (problem/fault) in the game, forum or site shall immediately inform the administration.05. Never ask levels, items, adena, teleport or any benefit to any member of the administration because you will not be answered.06. Your account is not transferable, it means that you are responsible for your own safety in the game. Never give your password to anyone else, including the administration. Make sure that the computer used to play it safe. Never run extra interactivity programs with your Lineage 2, which was not provided by management, as they may contain viruses and keyloguers that will result in the theft of your user accounts and / or items. The administration is not responsible for any theft, dropped or destroyed items. The administration ensures complete integrity and server security and therefore are not possible invasions hacks to steal items or accounts directly on the server, site or forum, in other words, any type of theft are caused by carelessness or misuse of users.07. All user data (its accuracy and maintenance) are the sole responsibility of the user. Take care of your data and keep your active e-mail account it is necessary to recover your password if you forget it. The administration is not responsible for data forgotten, lost, deleted or canceled for any reason.08. It is forbidden to offend other players with profanity, derogatory and offensive names, pornographic offenses, racist and others in Global Chat and any other media provided by our team. In in-game chats use the command /block for not to read unwanted messages. Use the hero chat with wisdom because it involves reading the entire server. Also the use of any chat to incite or manipulate the players the server against the administration is prohibited.09. Players who accuse without evidence the administration will be severely punished. The administration will not allow bad players tarnish the image of the server because they are bad losers.10. Any action in the game that the administration deems anti-gambling (actions considered inappropriate or bad character) will also result in penalties such as: losing on purpose in the Grand Olympiad to give points to another character; disrupt or attempt to deceive in any way automatic events or made by management; Try to fool other players offering false items. NOTE:server rules can be changed anytime by our staff If you have more questions, complaints and/or reports please contact us at support@l2posidonia.com
  23. Rates, Enchantment & Augmentation x500, each Monster increases your level by 1. Safe enchantment: +4 Max enchantment: +16| +20 Normal scroll chance: 60% Max: +16 Blessed scroll chance: 100% Max:+16 Crystal scroll chance: 100% Max: +20 High Grade Lifestone: 5% Top Grade Lifestone: 10% Max Augmentations: 1 active & 1 passive Fast Augmentation & Enchanting Augmentation If you double click on the Lifestone, your equipped weapon gets augmented. If you get a skill, you get an announcement on screen and the weapon gets unequipped automatically. The retail augmentation system is still working for old school players. Enchanting You can enchant your equipment faster (Enchant window remains open). General Information Auto loot for monsters, dropped loot for bosses. Available buff slots: 48 ( only buffer's buffs count ) Subclasses per character: 5 If you are hero, you have only Heroic Valor on sub classes. Automatic potions (HP, MP, CP) by pressing right click & retail usage by pressing left click. (1) Pressing shift & click on monsters or raids, you can see their droplist. All accessories not increase special stats Event Engine Event Engine is scheduled to running every 1 hour with current events TeamVsTeam Capture The Flag DeathMatch RaidInTheMidle LastManStanding UltraRapidFire Sieges & Clan Ranking Available castles for the moment: Giran, Aden, Innadril,Sieges are scheduled every Sunday at 17:00 (GMT + 2). In order to register any siege required your clan be level 7 at least Champion System + Blessed Enchant Box Monster's have 15% chance to become a champion what drop champion? Blessed Scroll Enchant Box 70% Chance to drop, give you random scroll bless from B to S Grade Posidonia Arena (1v1 Battleground) Posidonia Arena is scheduled to start in time's ->17:30 | 00:30 | 3:30 Duration: 30 Minutes Reward: x10 Arena Medal use Special Merchant to exchange them with unique items Dynamic PvP Zone PvP Zone Changed every 1 hour (Primeval Isle,Giran Fortress,Bandits Stronghold) Restricted to teleport healer class 20% to be pvp zone blessed increase pvp points by x2
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